Chimney Cleaning
in Navan

Your chimney is cleaned using the latest power-sweeping technology. It removes more tar and creosote than any other method.

We specialize in Stove Chimneys

Heavy build-up of tar or creosote cannot be removed by conventional chimney-cleaning methods. There is a chemical treatment process available, but it takes three treatments over three days and is very expensive. We can remove tar and creosote in a matter of hours at a fraction of the price.
Removal of blockages such as birds’ nests/builders’ rubble is not a problem.

Why us?

We turn up on time

Your chimney is thoroughly cleaned

Your room is left completely dust-free

Our Other Services

Oil Boilers
  • Oil Boiler Service / Repair
  • Replacement Burners
  • ​​Oil Tank Replacement
  • Oil Line Pressure Tests
  • Boiler Flue or Exhaust Replacement
  • Computerized Tuning
CCTV Inspections
  • Check for cracks or damage.
  • For insurance company.
  • After building work  on chimney stack.
  • Check condition of chimney flue before buying a house .

We can advise you on which cowl is best for your chimney. We supply and fit a wide range of bird-guards and cowls.