Chimney Cleaning
in Navan

Bird-Guards / Cowels

We can advise you on which cowl is best for your chimney.

The only bird that builds in a chimney flue is the jackdaw, and he is persistent (bless him). It is important to have a quality bird guard fitted. Most people don’t realise that the chimney has been blocked, and light their fire as winter approaches. This can cause a lot of damage to the paint work, not to mention the cost of cleaning your carpet, curtains and 3-piece.
A chimney cowl is different altogether. The purpose of a cowl is to stop back-draughts in windy conditions, which blow smoke back into your room, or to increase the draught on your chimney. It is important to have a cowl that works fitted on your particular chimney.
Different chimneys may need different cowls.

We supply and fit a wide range of bird-guards and cowls.